Weekly Website Wednesday: Animated Muscle Women Wiki

In my strange internet adventures, I randomly came upon the Animated Muscle Women Wiki and… I… Wut?

They’re cataloging every instance of a muscly woman in animation, but whycome?

Apparently, it isn’t porn and nudity is banned from the wiki, but…. hhhmmmm…

I find this wiki anthropologically interesting and I think that it needs to be documented.

animated muscle women wiki link picture

Weekly Website Wednesday: ModBlog

I have an interest in tattoos and body modification, but I’m such a fickle bastard, I’m afraid of having anything permanent done to my body. That’s why I live vicariously through the people featured in BMEzine’s ModBlog. (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

I might get an Starland Vocal Band tattoo one day, though.

modblog link picture

Bob Loblaw’s Mod Blog