Weekly Website Wednesday: Coloring Book Corruptions

This week’s website is missing a “u” in its title, but I still love it anyway.

coloring book corruptions link pictureColoring Book Corruptions is a blog where innocent colouring book pages are edited and coloured in in such a way to suggest something much more sinister than the original artist intended.

It’s pretty funny. They even let you submit your own corrupted colouring book pages.

Weekly Website Wednesday: Hojamaka Games

This week’s website feeds into one of my horrible, horrible addictions.

hojamaka games link picturesHojamaka Games is a one-person game studio. At least, I think it is. The website is mostly in Japanese.

In any case, I’m horribly addicted to Manomo Sweeper, which is a hybrid between Minesweeper and an RPG, and I can’t stop playing it.

Go play Manomo Sweeper. Go feel my pain.

Weekly Website Wednesday: HOLWAGERKARAOKE

This week’s website is all about the joy of singing.

holwagerkaraoke link picture Bev and Bob Holwager form HOLWAGERKARAOKE, a unique karaoke-singer duo on YouTube.

Their videos aren’t just karaoke, though. They also feature a bunch of computer generated imagery to spice things up.

They may not be the greatest singers, but the bring a genuine enthusiasm to all their songs. I greatly enjoy watching just how much fun they have while singing. It’s a pleasant contrast to all the angry YouTube channels.

Weekly Website Wednesday: Jerry’s Map

This week’s website is all about imagination and meticulous attention to detail.

jerry's map link picture Starting in 1963 with a single panel, Jerry Gretzinger started drawing a map of his own invented world. His map is now made up of over 3200 8×10 panels and it continues to grow and evolve to this day.

One of the most interesting things about Jerry’s map is that it doesn’t just grow outwards. Established areas of the map can be destroyed or changed through phrases randomly pick from a deck of cards, or from Jerry’s rules about how the people of his invented world acquire resources and services. For example: if a city grows in size so too must its farmland to feed everyone.

Jerry’s map is never complete and he plans on working on it for as long as possible.