Weekly Website Wednesday: Mastodon

What is Mastodon? It’s a decentralized, open-source social network based on GNU Social. What does that mean? It’s confusing and it doesn’t work very well! Whatever! It’s the hip, new, disruptive technology that’s taking the Millennials by storm! It might even replace Twitter. (No it won’t.)

There are actually several Mastodon networks that interconnect. I’m at social.targaryen.house, but you could join shitposter.club, or memetastic.space, or even anitcapitalist.party, and we can all still talk to each other! Wouldn’t it be better and less confusing if everyone was on the same server? I don’t know. Maybe.

By the by, I’m not sure that I trust Mastodon’s security. I would suggest using a different password than your usual one, if you join.

mastodon link picture

Weekly Website Wednesday: DustinDiamond.com

Max Goldberg of YTMND fame, bought DustinDiamond.com in 2001. The real Dustin Diamond didn’t like this and proceeded to sue Max. Surprisingly, Dustin Diamond actually lost the case because the jury found that the website was a non-commercial fair-use parody. And, thus, ended the case of the only ever time that a celebrity wasn’t able to win their domain name, to the best of my knowledge.

Dustin Diamond is a jerk, anyway.

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