Weekly Website Wednesday: ModBlog

I have an interest in tattoos and body modification, but I’m such a fickle bastard, I’m afraid of having anything permanent done to my body. That’s why I live vicariously through the people featured in BMEzine’s ModBlog. (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

I might get an Starland Vocal Band tattoo one day, though.

modblog link picture

Bob Loblaw’s Mod Blog

Weekly Website Wednesday: Folk Funeria

This weeks website is Folk Funeraria, which features grave decorations from the American South, many of which are homemade. Yeah, I think that the space and resources taken up by graveyards would be better used for public parks -ask me sometime about my objections to the fact that the greenest places in Tucson are the graveyards- but I still find memorial art to be very interesting.

folk funeraria link picture

Weekly Website Wednesday: Discover Life

This week’s website is all about critters and leafies.

discover life link picture Discover life is a very useful encyclopedia of the world’s flora and fauna. I love how it has high quality photographs of so many species. I myself have used it to identify creepy crawlies and weird plants that I have never seen before.