Weekly Website Wednesday: Chief O’Brien at Work

Hey, have you ever wondered what Chief O’Brien from Star Trek: The Next Generation does all day alone in the transporter room? Well, Jon Adams has made a webcomic all about it and it’s really funny. You should go look at it and junk… or don’t. I don’t even care.

chief o'brien at work link picture

Weekly Website: Heaven’s Gate

heaven's gate link pictureThe week’s website is the homepage of UFO-worshipping suicide doomsday cult, Heaven’s Gate. Yes, I am a terrible, morbid weirdo. I am mostly just astounded by the fact that, despite most of the members of Heaven’s Gate killing themselves in 1997, their website is still up and running. Apparently, two surviving members were given the directive to keep disseminating the cult’s teachings, even after the mass suicide. Weird that they’d still have so much loyalty to Heaven’s Gate, considering that there obviously wasn’t  a UFO hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet to beam them all up to Heaven.

The thing I find the most interesting about Heaven’s Gate is that they were just such gigantic friggin’ nerds. They made their money by doing web design and programming, and their literature contained several references to Star Trek. There’s an animated GIF that blinks “RED ALERT” at the top of their page.

Of considerable note, there is actually a section of their website entitled “Our Position Against Suicide“. Whelp. That didn’t work out so well.

Weekly Website Wednesday: Fashion It So

This week’s website is another Star Trek website, because I can never, ever stop talking about Star Trek on account of my congenital nerd defect.

fashion it so link picture Fashion It So is a website that analyses the crazy clothing, makeup, hairstyles and accessories of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Ever noticed how teeny-tiny Captain Picard’s shorts are? You’re not the only one.

Why is there so much underboob in the future?

Why did the skant uniform have to disappear? It was totally awesome!

Anyway, go check out Fashion It So, because the fashion of the future is important and junk.

Weekly Website Wednesday: General Grin

Do YouTube channels count as websites? Whatever. I’m featuring a YouTube channel as this week’s Weekly Website. Or, multiple channels, actually. Whatever.

general grin link picture General Grin does very funny edits of Star Trek. In them, Captain Picard is not the patient, smart benevolent leader we’ve come to know and love, but a sadistic, mass-murdering maniac. Unlike a lot of edits, General Grin’s TNG Recut series actually has a story and continuity between episodes, creating an wholly original series of its own.

Unfortunately, because General Grin uses copywritten content in his work, he needs to use multiple account to keep from being shut down. So, here are all his channels that I know of: Major Grin, Admiral Grin, TheGreatLink, Colonel Grin and Grin Reaper.