Weekly Website Wednesday: HOLWAGERKARAOKE

This week’s website is all about the joy of singing.

holwagerkaraoke link picture Bev and Bob Holwager form HOLWAGERKARAOKE, a unique karaoke-singer duo on YouTube.

Their videos aren’t just karaoke, though. They also feature a bunch of computer generated imagery to spice things up.

They may not be the greatest singers, but the bring a genuine enthusiasm to all their songs. I greatly enjoy watching just how much fun they have while singing. It’s a pleasant contrast to all the angry YouTube channels.

Throw Tsmith a Bone

My buddy Tsmith from the band, mindFluxFuneral, has been having trouble getting some of his new music projects heard.

He has two main new projects (although, sometimes it seems like he starts a new band every other week) Acidrodent, which is a sort of dubstep and industrial fusion type of deal and inbetweennames, which is a sort of downtempo trip hop type of deal. I enjoy them and I’m practically tone-deaf, so you know that it’s probably some sort of music.

So, EVERBODY, why don’t you go listen to Acidrodent and inbetweennames.