Weekly Website Wednesday: Eric Conveys An Emotion

This week’s website is a website that hasn’t updated in 7 years, BUT I DON’T CARE!

eric conveys an emotion link picture Eric Conveys An Emotion was one of the earliest internet viral sensations. All it is is pictures of Eric’s face depicting different emotions. Yes, it’s true, Eric invented the selfie, but he had no idea what evil he would be unleashing on the world. I blame Eric for the Kardashians, in fact.

Remember the days when websites having images was a new and exciting thing? That’s what was so great about Eric Conveys An Emotion, it had images. We used to be very easily entertained. Get off my lawn ADD Generation or whatever the Hell we’re supposed to call you kids born with a smartphone in your hands.

If I keep mentioning Eric Conveys An Emotion, that means he’ll update, right? RIGHT?

Weekly Website Wednesday: General Grin

Do YouTube channels count as websites? Whatever. I’m featuring a YouTube channel as this week’s Weekly Website. Or, multiple channels, actually. Whatever.

general grin link picture General Grin does very funny edits of Star Trek. In them, Captain Picard is not the patient, smart benevolent leader we’ve come to know and love, but a sadistic, mass-murdering maniac. Unlike a lot of edits, General Grin’s TNG Recut series actually has a story and continuity between episodes, creating an wholly original series of its own.

Unfortunately, because General Grin uses copywritten content in his work, he needs to use multiple account to keep from being shut down. So, here are all his channels that I know of: Major Grin, Admiral Grin, TheGreatLink, Colonel Grin and Grin Reaper.

Weekly Website Wednesday: Jin Wicked

I really like supporting others, so I’ve decided to feature a new website of stuff that I like in a big ole link in my sidebar every week.

jin wicked link pictureThe first thing I’d like to feature is the art of Jin Wicked. I’ve followed her very funny autobiographical webcomics for many years now and I think you’d enjoy them to. She’s been trying to get back into being a full-time artist and the more eyes on her stuff, the better.