Weekly Website Wednesday: DustinDiamond.com

Max Goldberg of YTMND fame, bought DustinDiamond.com in 2001. The real Dustin Diamond didn’t like this and proceeded to sue Max. Surprisingly, Dustin Diamond actually lost the case because the jury found that the website was a non-commercial fair-use parody. And, thus, ended the case of the only ever time that a celebrity wasn’t able to win their domain name, to the best of my knowledge.

Dustin Diamond is a jerk, anyway.

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Weekly Website Wednesday: Robot Frank

Robot Frank is as old as the internet. Robot Frank is an evil robot. Despite being evil, Robot Frank has many friends. Robot Ron is one of Frank’s friends. Robot Ron is distinguishable from Robot Frank, because Robot Ron is red. Another friend is the mysterious Red Ninja. The Red Ninja wears black, which is strange. I am unsure of what ethnicity the Red Ninja is under the mask. And everyone is friends with Bruce. Bruce is a rock star. Bruce is too cool to be hanging out with two robots and a ninja.

Robot Frank’s adventures are part of our forgotten secret history. You should educate yourself about Robot Frank and his teachings.

This has nothing to do with Robot and Frank. Everyone tells me that that’s a good movie. I should watch it sometime, but I think that I enjoy Robot Frank more than Frank Langella.

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